Born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. After graduating school I went to live and study in the US. 2010 till early 2013 I lived in Saint Louis, MO. At firs I studied Mechanical Engineering there but later I understood that Engineering wasn't something I would wanna do for living. I moved to New York to study Computer Science there. I transfered to Iona College in New Rochelle. I almost finished my degree but Senior year sanctions had hit Russia and Ruble has plummeted, so I would have to pay twice as much for the College. I figured that I'd raher go and work a real IT job, I started my career as a Software QA/Tester. I liked linux and android since the high school, so I worked as an Android tester at Samsung for less than a year and people from Sberbank offered me a job with twice as much what I was making at Samsung so I took it. I worked as a Web tester buy quickly understood that it's not something I would want to do since my real passion always been Linux and opensource in general. While I was working at Sberbank I got a hang of Jira, slack and other stuff that is used in industry. I dispatched sberbank after prohibiton period and went on to search for my true passion, that's when I found Virtuozzo. That was a perfect job for me, the company that creates software, makes commits to the kernel and other stuff. I loved it, I worked there for year and a half as a Junior SDET. I was more of a linux system administrator there that tests the linux distro with virtualization, finds exploits for such things as spectre and meltdown. I had a blast, also they payed me for that, so that was just marvelous. Stuff that I dealt with over there includes Cmake, make, python scripting, bash scripting, zabbix, cisco switches, LACP, LDAP, wireshark, tcpdump, C, kernel, syscalls, ls cat grep regexp etc, kubernetes, openstack, pytest, unittest, cpanel, Virtuozzo products etc etc etc... But nevertheless I got tired of the same stuff over and over again. At that time I wanted to become linux kernel developer so I was studying C, assembly, indepth computer architecture with tanenbaum and some open courses for computer architecture. After a year of studying (and procrastination, a little) I found a job as a Senior QA / SDET which is a whole story in itself that I will tell a bit later in one of my posts. Long story short, they weren't paying on time and although the project was quite interesting (block device based on xilinx and arm) I bailed. Right now I work on projects kind of like a full-stack deveoper. I do some back-end, some front-end, some sysadmin stuff, devops, clouds... A bit to general perhaps, but that's just my nature. Otherwise I find myself been bored all the time. Here are some of my pics from my USA trips. #nyc sunset